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OZMAZDA.com Club Foundations

The purpose of the OZMAZDA.com Car Club is to serve as a community of Mazda owners and enthusiasts and as a database of information on Mazda's vehicle lineup in Australia. In order to provide the best environment for everyone, we promote a spirit of tolerance and mutual respect between users, added to that we have a policy of light moderation.

OZMAZDA.com is an organisation with a true sense of community and runs as a "Not for profit" car club. All funds raised through the running of events and sponsors are used to keep this website running and to subsidise the running of future events for registered members.

The club aims to serve its members by:

Cruises and Meets are regularly run in most states for members and guests to attend. Larger events are organised on a yearly basis by the Club's Staff including Car Track Sprint events and Motorkhanas.