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2016 BT-50 CV Boot Fail

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#1 Craig.W



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Posted 27 April 2017 - 11:39 PM

G'day All,


I've got a 2016 BT-50  with 32k on the clock. During the 30k service the other day I was told the left CV Joint boot had split.


A bit surprised as it is the second one to go, less than 9000k between failures. The first was replaced under warranty eventually, after a bit of to and fro with the dealer after being told it wasn't a claimable item. I have now been told this one won't be replaced under warranty as it is the second one to fail.


The dealer has blamed me for the failure because I've hit something, I argued this and now they are blaming the wheel alignment provider saying they have aligned it outside of Mazda specs.


I have taken the vehicle to the wheel alignment provider for an inspection. Within minutes they identified the sway bar is off center to the left and rubbing on the CV boot causing it to fail, they also looked for evidence as to how this happened and in their opinion it was fitted like this from new. They have also confirmed that the wheel alignment was within Mazda specs for the vehicle and will in no way cause this to happen.


The dealer has confirmed the boot was rubbing on the sway bar but still maintain it is because of the wheel alignment and are getting their own specialist to look at it next week.


Has anyone else experienced or heard of something similar?


I'm a bit concerned that it wasn't identified as a second failure by the dealer and investigated accordingly. Also concerned that the first failure was immediately written off as being hit by something when the sway bar sticks out like the proverbial. What, if any investigation did they do as to why the boot failed??


From what I've read in this and other forums this seems like the standard Mazda warranty drill.


Sorry for the long post/whinge (especially for the first).



#2 poppa smurf

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Posted 28 April 2017 - 11:23 AM

sounds like typical dealership speak to me, had the same with Ford.......deny then offset the blame is the way these people deal with customers, sad days indeed.....but just persevere and stand your ground. all we can do.

 everyone calls me Poppa or simply Pops, have done for a long time now....call me what you want, chances are I won't hear you anyway..don't fret the small stuff......

2016 BT50 Hi-rider dual cab in aluminium, ARB ascent canopy, second full river 60 amp deep cycle battery to run the 40 ltr engel, redarc 1225 BC_DC charger, 80 watt rooftop solar panel, Titan draws with wings, polished alloy bullbar, lightforce spotlights........plus many extra "tow features"....we tend to creep along the roads less travelled" preferring deserts to blacktop and wildlife to crowds....partially retired not looking to go full retired as yet

#3 Phillthy


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Posted 03 May 2017 - 11:51 AM

No need to say sorry. It's std Mazda policy with all the BT50 faults.


When you eventually force them to fix it, check their work as they are pretty hopeless.


Only pay back we have is never give them any more money and expose them on places like this.


Put it up on the BT50 face book page as well to help get the truth out there.


They made lots of extra profit with all the short cuts and we paid over 50K for what we thought was a strong heavy reliable 4WD.


I feel for those that are older than me and bought one to last and tow a big van around the country.


Should of bought a Cruiser I know but too late now. 

#4 Craig.W



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Posted 11 May 2017 - 10:16 PM

Well Mazda have refused to help out.


The dealer asked for the vehicle for a day to check it out, they ended up taking it to an "independent" technician to get a wheel alignment done to see if it was within Mazda specs, which they say it wasn't, surprise!! The dealer then charged me for the alignment, wouldn't let the wife have the vehicle until the alignment they had done for their troubleshooting was paid for.


I went to see the tech who did the alignment for the dealer and he said the caster had to be adjusted to its max adjustment to stop the boot from touching the sway bar. I raised this with Mazda and the specialist I spoke to said this was acceptable by Mazda standards. 


The independent tech said I may have a bit more wear on the outer edge of my tyres because of the adjustment. I then asked the Mazda specialist about this and who would be responsible for excessive wear and he replied that the 30000k I had on the tyres already was good and I should be happy with that. I've got Toyo Open Country AT2's that usually get in excess of 80000k (I've been told).


I asked why Mazda hasn't considered the information given to them by my wheel aligners regarding their wheel alignment figures and the information about the sway bar position, the reply was they are not Mazda accredited so any information from them will not be considered.


So I don't think I ever had a hope of getting help from Mazda at all. I'm now going to get my wheel alignments done by the Mazda dealer for a while to see what happens as they don't use the same technician that aligned my vehicle to do their standard alignments so if it happens again they won't have anyone else to blame. Other than me of course.



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